Heart Foundation Of Tanzania

Heart Foundation of Tanzania (HTF) is an NGO founded in 2012. HTF’s purpose is to improve the welfare of those living with cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

Tanzania Association for Respiratory Diseases

Tanzania Association for Respiratory Diseases (TARD) is a voluntary, autonomous and independent organization with a mission to prevent the occurrence of chronic respiratory diseases in Tanzania and improve the welfare of the people living with these diseases.

Tanzania Cancer Association

Tanzania Cancer Association (TCA) is a national, charitable, non-political, non-sectarian NGO, founded in 1991 in accordance with the Law. We aim at co-coordinating and harmonizing activities and resources of all national cancer organizations, with the goal of eliminating cancer in Tanzania.

Tanzania Diabetes Association

Tanzania Diabetes Association (TDA) is a national, non-profit organization with the purpose to improve the welfare of people living with diabetes. TDA has been working hard to create awareness about the disease in Tanzania and, in line with its vision and mission, TDA and its partners are implementing projects that contribute to the prevention and management of diabetes and other non-communicable diseases as well as their risk factors.

Welcome to TANCDA

Tanzania Non-communicable Diseases Alliance (TANCDA) is a non-governmental organization constituted by the Heart Foundation of Tanzania, Tanzania Cancer Association, Tanzania Association for Respiratory Diseases and Tanzania Diabetes Association. All four organizations are patient associations, but also include related health professionals and any other interested people.

TANCDA have developed two policy briefs on NCDs and UHC  for information click on the Download Button 

  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Respiratory Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Mental Health
  • Sickle Cell disease
  • Eye health injuries
  • Oral Health injuries

We give our members social motivation and empowerment

Tanzania Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance

Our Current Emphasis on NCD's

Respiratory Diseases

Cancer Diseases

Diabetes Mellitus

Cardiovascular diseases

Eye Health diseases

Other NCD’s


Latest News and Blogs

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